Athlete Comments


At first, I was admittedly intimidated because I had never raced in a triathlon or had even been around those that have. When I arrived, everyone was very nice and eager to share not only their experiences, but also their perspective from how they have progressed since attending your clinic from years past. Then you throw in Luc’s professional experience and the learning experience was truly comprehensive. With Luc always there to answer questions, offer advice, and overall coaching, my apprehension was totally curbed

The workouts and and constant critique helped tremendously. I can honestly say that I improved in all three areas of the sport. Swimming was by far my weakest event and I knew I had much improvement. By Luc’s approach to fixing form errors one step at a time, I was able to focus on form more than ever. By the end of the swimming coaching, I also noticed that my muscles weren’t sore like they have been in the past. Luc said because I was swimming with the wrong form and his corrections did make me faster. Now I just need to work on keeping up the endurance!

The biking sessions were not only fun, but of great use all around. I agree that safety is paramount and handling techniques are vital to survival in a triathlon. On race day, I applied all techniques and felt like I could have actually pushed more. Despite my mechanical issues with my bike, I feel like I carried a decent time. The handling skills were used from the start gate and the end gate. A lady fell over in front of me as I was going into T2 and promptly applied the handling and braking skills Luc taught us…had I not, I would have likely been down with her!

My run went well. I focused on my form rather than speed and the race was the most comfortable run I have had ever. My technique was improved upon through Luc’s coaching and even your advice. I need to find one of those pace keepers too; an invaluable training tool. I took my semi-annual physical fitness test this week with the military and wanted to let you know that my 2-mile run time was 1:30 faster than my last test! I could have pushed it more, but didn’t realize that I was actually running as fast as I had been.

I look forward attending the next clinic and found about 4-5 other events I want to attend this year! Looking back at my performance, I notice many areas in which I need to improve, but I’m confident that I have a solid base in which to start from now! I don’t know how I found your clinic, but it was a priceless find nonetheless!


It was a stupendous clinic! I can’t stop talking about it. I also can’t stop drinking the wine!

Great coaching and great organization! I really thought the lecture and strategy talks about the sport were helpful. Technique focus was on target. I didn’t mind getting yelled at by Luc. Luc pays attention to each athlete!

Michael, I can’t think of any improvement. The training flowed well and days blended together for a great experience. The only problem I had, is that I was getting tired at the end of training days and did not have much for the race. My times were very slow. What burnt me out was not the biking or the running, it was the swimming. The swimming tore up my legs, they were heavy!

Had a great time! Michael, you run a great clinic!

Mark (nar-chee-so)

I haven’t raced since the clinic, so am curious to see how I do this summer. The swim definitely helped, but I need more specific open water swim technique. Swim w/a bunch of people in my lane, sighting, and feeling comfortable swimming with a mass. I loved the bike portion, loved learning right cadence for climbing, how to move your bike when climbing, how to ride with a group. Wish the weather had permitted a lil’ more time with the run. I feel like I could benefit from more instruction. Transition practice was awesome. How to take off the wet suit, how/when to put on what, etc. great. Post race analysis and debriefing with vino was awesome. Will definitely recommend this to athletes. thanks!

I enjoyed the TriCarneros clinic, and always feel that I can learn from and implement the techinques/advice from Luc into my triathlon racing. I would have to say, having Luc giving me tips during the race was the highlight of camp for me. I think the website expressed well what to expect and not expect from the clinic. The objectives were clearly layed out. I really love “kick you in the pants” approach in camps, where you barely can muster up enough energy for the next workout. Since the website was so clear, I knew that this camp was going to be more focused on technique than exhaustion which helped me prepare for what to expect when I got to the clinic.

The weather was not the best, and so running training was cut to a minimum. Not the fault of Tricarneros, but of mother nature. If the end of camp is going to culminate in a race, it would be nice to add another day or 1/2 day of training to the beginning of camp. I also really liked when we did time tests a few years back. I was new to the sport and it helped with future training that I did. We also did some video analysis that year, and reviewed our swim/ run that evening. It is very helpful when you can see your deficiencies. Overall, I enjoyed Tricarneros this year. Having a race at the end, and Luc at the race for help and pointers was fabulous.

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