2014 TriSonoma Training & Coaching Tips

1. Training and Support

A. Long term thinking = remember to be patient in training

B. Keep it fun this time of year = cross-train and take some pressure off of specific training

C. Periodization = (+)volume (-)intensity, and strength training = circuit intervals & functional training / proprioception = injury

D. Triathlon is a team sport = support & understanding & motivation from your partner, family, and your team = healthy communication

2. Drills and Skills

Most of us hear about drills when around the pool…laps of stroke work to refine our smoothness in the water; yet we don’t hear too many cyclists talk about drill work while on the bike – typically it’s hill climbing, sprint power building or long endurance rides. Just like swimming, drills on the bike will improve your technique on the bike…and will make you faster, and will make it easier to go faster. In 3 primary ways:

A. Just like our muscles, when you overreach, you improve – doing skill work makes it easier to do your “normal” work. For example, slotting in 30-40 minute spins on the trainer at 110 or 120 or 125 cadence will dramatically improve your pedal stroke, and make racing at 100 cadence very easy – which will even make you happier on the run.

B. Practicing climbing and descending skills are not just for cyclists (and as triathletes, we are cyclists…); the easier we can climb and descend using our position on the bike, the faster we are.

C. Obstacle courses can feel childish, and a waste of our precious training hours…yet the more comfortable we can handle our bike on the course, or reach for a water bottle, or eat on the bike, the faster we are. And it will make the pedaling less boring…set up simple courses and practice every 2-4 weeks. If you’ve ever watched trials riders, you see how they demonstrate pure comfort on the bike.

D. This is the bonus 4th advantage; it sums A-C: SAFETY. The better bike handler you are, the better you can avoid pitfalls and actually make it to the finish line – like they say, you have to first finish before you can finish first.

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